We do give homework and check it regularly. We believe that homework is to bridge the gap between 2 lectures. HOME WORK IS NOT TO HARRASS THE STUDENTS IT IS TO FORM THE STUDENTS.
We provide updated printed notes for all subjects.
We do conduct regular tests – chapter wise, unit wise and for full portion. Board and university paper solving sessions is regular feature of our institute.
Attendance is recorded every day with the help Attendance Sheet. We send SMS to the parents of absent students daily. At the end of the month a monthly % of attendance is sent to all the parents. And we make a call to the parents for absentee of student more than two days.
We take lectures to guide the students to show to them different options available in commerce. If required we invite special guest to give speech on the required topic/subject.
At Caliber's Nova, we focus on all round development of the students. We conduct guest lectures focused on different subjects. Till now we have arranged the lectures on i) Time management ii) Goal setting iii) Methods of study iv) Personality development v) Effective speaking. Every year we organize Sports competitions [Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis] A trip and An annual function which is managed completely by the students so that they get the experience of management.
After every topic one test is conducted to understand whether the student has understood the topic. If any student has not understood the topic we take efforts on such student. [Believe us, we do this]
We have a dedicated team of professors to take care of the study of your child. You can co-operate us by just monitoring your child at home.
Assistant faculties help the students through the year to solve their difficulties relating to regular syllabus as well as test papers.
Revision sessions are conducted during exams which helps student to regain their knowledge more effectively.
The professor knows everybody in the class. He communicates with the students before or after the lecture. There is completely friendly atmosphere in the class. Due to this controlling the class is easy. You have to attend the class to experience it!
The marks are communicated to the parents by SMS & by provided mark sheet.
The papers are set according to the board/University pattern. The students prepare as per the decided syllabus and appear for the tests. The tests are conducted under strict supervision. The students write the papers under examination condition. The papers are set and checked by experienced professors. While checking the papers, the professors write the remarks on the answer sheet so that the students understand their mistakes. We also conduct the doubt clearing lectures after the papers are distributed.
There is simple formula to master the subject on which we insist, “SOLVE THE NUMERICAL OF CLASS WORK AND HOME WORK EVERYDAY.”
They are called separately, individually and taught for that particular concept; they are just to communicate it to us. We follow the “OPEN DOOR POLICY.”
For 11th – Immediately after the results of 10th are declared on Net. (June end) For 12th – In December- when the students are in 11th standard. For 1st year B.Com – Immediately after the exams of 12th are declared on Net. For 2nd year B.Com – Immediately after the exams of 1st year B.Com. For 3rd year B.Com – Immediately after the exams of 2nd year B.Com. For M.Com – Immediately after the exams of 3rd year B.Com. For M.B.A. – Immediately after the TERM starts.
Fill up the form which is available in the office. Paste one photograph of any size [i-card/ passport / stamp] which is compulsory. Pay Rs.100/- per subject (This will be adjusted in fees) in cash for booking the seat. Balance to be paid within 1 week from the class starts. Collect the receipt from the office after paying the fees, Keep the receipt for future reference. The procedure is over.