Rahul Rai

Training 11th class, 12th class, Under Graduate and Post-Graduate students since 2003 in Nagpur.

Core subjects of teaching – Economics, Company Law, Strategic Management, and all theory subjects in Commerce.

Taught more than 50,000 students of Commerce.

Gave various motivational lectures & career counselling in different colleges and other platforms.

His area of interest is reading, explore new place and ideas and many more.

Very popular amongst student due to his unique teaching, short and simple methods, use of flow charts and practical case study and examples.

Proudly nicknamed as God of theory in Commerce fraternity.

 “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying”.

Pankaj Agarwal

Masters in Business Administration from Pune University.

Core Subjects: Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting & Statistics.

Taught more than 35,000 students in Commerce.

His areas of interest are travelling, and explore new ideas.

Very popular amongst student due to his ninja technique in Statistics.

As a teacher of practical subject, he strongly believes  Do not memorise anything, try to understand everything“.

Our Teaching Faculty

Musab Saleem Ansari

Founding Member Of Caliber’s Nova

HOD of 8th, 9th & 10th class

Masters in Commerce from Nagpur University.

Core subject of teaching financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting & Tax.

Teaching experience: 14 years.

Taught more than 30,000 students in all levels of commerce.

His hobbies are travelling, and watching movie.

Very popular among students due to his unique technique in teaching the topic – tax.

As a teacher of practical subject, he strongly believes that “Success is the result of Hard work.”

Bashar S. Ahmad

Admin Head

Team Lead in Calibers Nova

Graduated in BCA

Pursuing Post Graduation in MCA from Nagpur University

Joined Caliber’s Nova in 2012.

Core work: Admin Head and Team Leader at Caliber’s Nova.

Handling finance, HR and marketing department.

Designing, informing and maintaining job description and key responsibility areas.

Idea implementation and maintaining discipline in work premises.

He believes hard work is the key of success.

Prof. Ankita Sampat

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Graduation in B.com.

Post-Graduation in M.com and MBA.

Pursuing Masters in M.A English Literature

Preparing for NET and SET.

Joined Caliber’s Nova in 2018.

Core subjects of teaching-English, Economics, and Law.

Teaching Experience in Classes 11th and 12th (STATE/CBSE) B.com, BBA, BCCA, and BCA.

Experienced teacher and facilitator with 6 years of service and impacted over 5000 students in this span.

“Teaching literature and writing skills allow me to share my love of reading with young minds.”

Palash Jawa

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Masters in Business Administration from C.V Raman University.

Pursuing Company Secretary from ICSI.

Core subjects: Teaching Corporate Financial Management, Security Risk Portfolio Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting

Taught more than 8000 students in all the levels of commerce.

Very popular amongst students due to his behaviour & unique teaching methodology when he covers Finance with detailed interpretation and logic.

He believes that “Finance and life are full of problems, but the only way to conquer them is never giving up.”

Teaching experience of 7 years.

Professor Nilesh Kakkad

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Teaching Accountancy for the last 20 years to students from Class 11th up to Post Graduation Level.

Experienced in Accountancy at State and CBSE Level.

Teaching style has practical approach. 

Understand the Subject thoroughly and not just mug up and vomit in exams.”

Taught more than 15,000 students.

More than 200 students have scored 100/100 in Accounts.

Associated with prestigious schools and colleges in Nagpur City.

Currently pursuing PH.D. from RTM Nagpur University.

He is fond of Reading, Indoor and Outdoor Games and Exploring Distant places.

He believes, “If you wish to shine like the Sun, first you have to burn like it.”

He follows 3Ds for Success

Determination, Devotion and Dedication paired with Time Management.

Prof. Kajal Thakre

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Graduate in BCCA

Post-Graduation in PGDCCA, MCA, M. TECH(CS), and MCM.

Preparing for PET.

One year of teaching experience at Nagpur Ramakrishna Wagh College of Commerce from June 2017 to April 2018.

Core Subjects:  C, C++, Visual Basic, MIS, DBMS, E-commerce.

Joined Caliber’s Nova Institute for stream in BCA(Science) in June 2018.

Paper Publications:

1) Published Technical paper on “Implementation an approach for Mining of Datasets using APRIORI Hybrid Algorithm” in International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Information, ICEI 2017, 78-1-5090-4257-9/17/.

2) Published Technical paper on “Review on An approach for Mining of Datasets using Apriori Hybrid Algorithm” in International journal of scholarly research, vol-1, issue-1, 2017.

Experienced teacher and facilitator with 3 years of service and impacted over 2000 students in this span.

CS Niket Chauhan

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Began teaching when he himself was a student.

His passion for teaching was so intense that he choose teaching as his career.

Teaching students of CA, CS, MBA, M.com, BBA, B.com, CFP, XI-XII (State & CBSE) for the past 10 years.

Taught more than 7500 students.

He has produced more than 50 AIR in tough professional courses of CS & CFP

Also, he has produced Nagpur toppers in XII state board since last 3 years and topper in subject of SP and OC for the last 7 years.

An expert in Management, Business Studies, Law, Secretarial Practice (SP) & Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM).

Well-known for his explanation, energetic lectures, practical examples, and student friendly behaviour.

He has an inimitable style of teaching which captivates students and has received many accolades amongst his students as well as professional fraternity.

Professor Chetan Bhonde

Faculty at Calibers Nova

Educator in Caliber’s Nova

Teaching Class 11th, Class 12th , Computer Science subjects to Undergraduate Students since 2017 in Nagpur.

Area of teaching – Mathematics (11th and 12th), Statistics, Business Mathematics for CA foundation, Numerical Methods, Operation Research, Digital Electronics, C, C++, Java and all Analytical subjects in Computer Science.

Gold Medalist in Master of Computer Application from R.T.M. Nagpur University.

His area of interest is coding, research on new technologies.

He is known for his teaching mathematics and Analytical Subjects in very simple way.

He believes “Life is like a Mathematics if it goes too easy something is wrong”

It's the teacher that makes the difference. Not the classroom.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

  • Albert Einstein

As an education academy, our values are important to us.

We value creating smart, innovative and creative leaders of tomorrow.

Be a part of the coolest classroom ever!